PM designate: Government to be formed over next two weeks

NEWS 17.04.202412:43
Tanjug/Ministarstvo odbrane/Jovo Mamula

Serbian Prime Minister Designate Milos Vucevic said the new Government will be formed in the next two weeks and that he has finished composing his formal address.

Vucevic told the Serbian state TV (RTS) that the Government will include some new people, but that the current priorities are defending the country’s interests in the Council of Europe (CoE) and preventing the adoption of the resolution on the Srebrenica genocide.

“The promotion of Kosovo in the CoE and the resolution on the genocide take precedence over staffing the cabinet. We are currently fighting a political battle on two fronts. Serbia is not harming or hurting anyone, we abide by all international standards. What we saw in Strasbourg is hypocrisy,” said Vucevic.

He added that Serbia has very little maneuvering space but that it will not surrender.

“The conditions the CoE set before Kosovo have not been met. They are turning a blind eye to the people being terrorized. Kosovo has not met the standards and principles of the Council of Europe. We have to be confident and prepare arguments. They are trampling on the basic moral norms and attempting to humiliate a people and a state,” said Vucevic, who is also the outgoing defense minister.

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe on Tuesday supported Kosovo’s bid for membership in the CoE and called on the organization’s Committee of Ministers to ratify their decision.