Police file report against man suspected of 1992 war crime in Karlovac

NEWS 31.03.202320:19
N1 (arhiva)

The police in Karlovac, Croatia, filed a criminal report against a 53-year-old man on suspicion that as a member of Croatian Serb paramilitaries in 1992 he killed a 7-year-old child and injured six people.

The police issued a statement saying that the suspect, who is unavailable to the Croatian judiciary, fired from enemy positions in the town of Kamensko near Karlovac two mortars at the town of Karlovac.

The mortars hit the area near the Karlovac bus station, killing a 7-year-old and seriously injuring a 15-year-old child. Another child was slightly wounded, along with four adults.

The criminal complaint has been submitted to the County State Prosecutor’s Office in Rijeka, and an arrest warrant has been issued.