Police searching for officer who stole pistols

NEWS 23.02.202421:01 0 komentara
Ilustracija / MUP Srbije

The police in the southern Serbian city of Nis are searching for one of their own who is suspected of stealing almost 300 sidearms handed in under an amnesty in 2023.

The police officer is suspected of having taken 272 pistols from the Pantelej police station over a period of several months.
The Serbian authorities declared an amnesty allowing people to hand in unregistered firearms and explosives following the mass shootings in a Belgrade elementary school and two villages outside the town of Mladenovac.

Nis-based Juzne Vesti portal said that it had access to documents showing that the unnamed police officer took the weapons out of the police station. The documents showed that two other suspects were arrested.

The police initially discovered that 63 pistols were missing but later found that a much larger number had been stolen.

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