Politician: The majority of Serbian citizens are against lithium mining

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savo manojlović
FoNet/Milica Vučković

Savo Manojlovic, the campaign director of the "Kreni-promeni" movement, stated on Sunday that the majority of Serbian citizens are against lithium mining, including experts and representatives from the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SANU). Pročitaj više

Manojlovic told Nova S television that „the citizens of Serbia would not benefit from lithium mining“ and criticized the government for treating the country like an African colony.

„The people of Serbia will benefit from lithium mining as much as the people of Congo benefit from diamond mining. This is a colony where you serve foreign interests, and of course, foreigners will pressure you when you have a government caught dealing in marijuana at Jovanjica”, he said, referring to one of the most significant and controversial court processes during the last decade in Serbia.

Manojlovic also argued that “electoral fraud in all elections contributes to this.“

He argued that mining was the backbone of development in the Middle Ages and that Serbia should look to the future.

On Saturday, the President of the National Assembly, Ana Brnabic, stated that it would be „abnormal“ for Serbia to turn away from lithium mining, arguing that the country maintains strict standards in environmental protection.

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