Poll shows a third of Serbians worse off

NEWS 05.06.202314:14
Nikola Kojić

The Demostat Center said in a report presented on Monday that almost a third of Serbians feel that their living standards are at a lower level than they were 10 years ago.

The Demostat poll showed that 29 percent of the population see their living conditions as deteriorating with just 24 percent saying they were better off than before.

The Center’s Srecko Mihailovic said that almost half the polled said they are satisfied with their lives in general but are unhappy with some aspects.

He said that the polled gave bad grades to President Aleksandar Vucic and the government – 48 percent said they were doing bad on living standards, 46 percent on combating crime and corruption, 35 percent on the economy, 33 percent on Kosovo and accession to the European Union 32 percent.

The polled also expressed dissatisfaction with other things – 56 percent said health care, 54 percent the judiciary, 49 percent the economy and environment and education 44 percent.a