Poll shows huge opposition to sanctions against Russia

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Source: N1

An independent political magazine said that its latest poll showed that a vast majority of Serbians are opposed to sanctions against Russia.

The poll by the New Serbian Political Thought magazine (Nova Srpska Politicka Misao – NSPM) also showed that a majority of the population of Serbia oppose membership in NATO and would not agree to trade recognition of Kosovo for membership in the European Union.

NSPM editor Djordje Vukadinovic (a former independent MP) said that the poll showed that Serbian society is not as divided as its seems. The poll showed that 82.1 percent of Serbians do not support sanctions against Russia over the war in Ukraine while just 6.9 percent support sanctions and 11 percent are undecided. According to NSPM, 49 percent said that Russia is in the right, 6.1 percent said Uraine is right, 24 percent said they have no opinion and 21 percent said no one is to blame. “We asked who was to blame for the conflict in Ukraine and 68.7 percent said NATO, 7.4 percent blamed Ukraine, 5.6 percent blamed Russia and 18 percent have no opinion,” Vukadinovic said.

He said that support for membership in NATO was at an all-time low of 5.4 percent with 87.2 percent opposed to membership in the Alliance.

According to him, just 5 percent of the polled said that Serbian should recognize Kosovo in exchange for EU membership while 85 percent are opposed.