Ponos: Removing SNS from power is not a done job but the first step


Founder of the political organization Serbia Center or SRCE (heart in Serbia) and presidential candidate in April 3 elections Zdravko Ponos said that removing the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) from power is not a done job but the first step towards establishing a normal state.

“The job would be done if we could say that our state is sustainable and that every generation creates more than it spends, if we could say that the state is in the service of its citizens and that there are no first-class and second-class citizens. In order for us to achieve these goals and, above all, to make the first and necessary step, bidding farewell to the SNS rule, we have to politically organize ourselves for this mission,” Ponos said.

Ponos said his organization advocates Serbia’s accession to the EU and added that the accession process should “enable us to synchronize with the ambiance that we belong to geographically and in terms of values”.

We will encourage opposition cooperation, said Ponos, adding he was sorry that the coalition that nominated him as presidential candidate did not achieve the expected results. Explaining that he had 14 times less funds in the election campaign than Aleksandar Vucic, Ponos said: “All things considered, I achieved a good result.”

New Belgrade elections are announced, and it is as if some personnel solutions in the new city government were designed so new elections would be called, said Ponos.

Ponos presented members of his new political organization and mentioned the names of some of the prominent figures who have expressed willingness to get involved in the organization’s work.