Ponos: Serbia “stuck” on EU path because of government

NEWS 12.10.202215:54
Nova.rs/Dragan Mujan

Leader of the opposition Serbia-Center movement Zdravko Ponos said Serbia’s path to the European Union (EU) is “stuck” because of the incumbent government, not because of the Kosovo issue.

“If Serbia were to consent to Kosovo’s statehood and membership in the UN tomorrow, it would be just as far from EU membership as it is today because this Serbia is not qualified to join the EU. This is clearly seen from the latest European Commission report,” said Ponos in a press release.

The European Commission assessed in its report that Serbia has regressed in the area of common foreign, security and defense policy, noting that some statements and actions of senior Serbian officials were in contradiction with the EU’s foreign policy positions.

Ponos said that removing the Serbian Progressive Party from power is a prerequisite to Serbia’s membership in the EU and preservation of Kosovo.

If we allow this government to haggle over Kosovo, the people will only get a promise that Serbia will join the EU in the next decade, while the regime will get to stay in power and it will get money, said Ponos, adding that “the citizens will neither see any money nor Europe.”