Ponos stopped at the border, allowed into Serbia after hour and a half

Nova.rs/Dragan Mujan

Founder of the Serbia Center movement and opposition presidential candidate in this year’s presidential elections Zdravko Ponos and his family were stopped Thursday afternoon at the Batrovci border crossing with Croatia and made to wait for more than one and a half hours before they could enter Serbia.

Ponos said he and his family handed over their passports and car registration certificate when they were asked to park on the side of the road. He said he was told that he could not enter Serbia before he is interviewed by members of the Serbian Security Information Agency (BIA). After about one and a half hours they got their documents back and Ponos was told that the BIA was not interested in talking to him.

“The police took the documents, a customs officer is returning them to me,” Ponos told N1.

Ponos explained that the border police chief told him that he could not enter the country because he had worked in the security sector, and that they have to contact someone so they could let him through. He was asked to wait with his family “for some people to come and talk to him” and was told that these people were BIA officers.

Ponos said nothing like this ever happened to him at any border crossing in the world.