Ponos warns regime not to play with fire over elections

Screenshot/ Info služba Ujedinjeni za pobedu Srbije

Presidential candidate Zdravko Ponos warned the Serbian authorities on Wednesday “not to play with fire” by attempting to commit election fraud and called state administration staff to refuse to take part in any wrongdoing.

“There have been worrying reports of a huge number of phantom voters getting notices at addresses where they never lived. The authorities are playing with fire,” Ponos told Danas daily.

Ponos said this is not about election fraud for the sake of a few opposition seats in parliament but about robbing the citizens of Serbia of a few more years of their lives. He added that he is relying on “the basic responsibility of the outgoing authorities”.

“I am appealing to state administration employees not to gamble with their jobs and names and not face possible criminal accountability for taking part in election fraud. They have no reason to fear the outgoing authorities. After April 3 no one will ask them how they voted but they will be asked by the competent bodies about involvement in organizing election fraud,” the United for Serbia’s Victory candidate said.