Power company worst water polluter in Serbia

NEWS 31.01.2023 16:29
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The State Auditing Institution (DRI) said on Tuesday that the Serbian power company (EPS) is the biggest generator of waste water in the country.

State Auditor Dusko Pejovic told a news conference that most of the water pollution comes in the form of industrial and communal waste water which is released into rivers and streams untreated. The DRI presented a report on water pollution which said that 78 percent of waste waters are released into rivers and streams, mainly the Sava and Danube while the rest is released into sewer systems and into the ground.

The report said that the EPS releases 4.5 billion cubice meters of waste water a year or 95 percent of the 3.8 billion liters of waste water generated across the country. Almost 70 percent of the waste water released by the EPS comes from the TENT A and B power generation plants.