President Vucic at Kostolac Power Plant: No power outages expected in Serbia

NEWS 19.12.2021 13:14
Tanjug/ Tara Radovanović

Serbia has managed to achieve the lowest electricity prices in Europe and no major power outages are expected in the future, Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vucic said during his visit to the Kostolac Thermal Power Plant.

Vucic said he went to Kostilac to support the miners and thank them for their work as without them Serbia “would not have electricity.” He said that at the moment everyone in Serbia has electricity and the number of power outages is at the level of statistical error.

Vucic thanked the miners of Drmno, who broke the record and Saturday and excavated 34,000 tons of coal.

„We have ensured that Serbia has the lowest price of electricity in the whole of Europe, and we will manage to get out of the energy crisis,“ Vucic said.

He stated that only the industry sector today consumes 50 percent of electricity, and until recently it was 29 percent, which shows how much the economy has progressed.


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