Pristina court withdraws warrant for Kosovo Serb List official

NEWS 01.03.202113:14
milan radoičić

The Pristina authorities withdrew the warrant for the arrest of high-ranking Kosovo Serb List official Milan Radoicic who was suspected of involvement in the murder of local Serb opposition leader Oliver Ivanovic.

Ivanovic was gunned down in front of his party offices in the city of Kosovska Mitrovica early in 2018. Investigations were launched by both the Kosovo and Serbian authorities. Radoicic and alleged Kosovo Serb underworld figure Zvonko Veselinovic were suspected of heading an organized crime group. They were not indicted because Kosovo law does not allow trials in absentia. Both men were not accessible to the Kosovo judiciary.

Judge Valon Kurtaj confirmed that the warrant was revoked by the Basic Court in Pristina at the request of the Kosovo Special Prosecution. Special Prosecution staff refused to say why the warrant was withdrawn, saying the reason was confidential.