Pristina hasn’t decided to ban Serbia’s elections in Kosovo yet, PM says

NEWS 23.03.202214:44 0 komentara
REUTERS/Laura Hasani

Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti said on Wednesday he would not say "the Government of the Republic of Kosovo has made a decision not to hold Serbia's elections in Kosovo," adding there was no agreement on the issue yet.

Kurti said he expected „a normal exchange of letters, a request from Belgrade, which Kosovo would consider,“ adding that did not happen.

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„The European Union was not satisfied that I did not accept that everything be completed within the recommended exchange of letters between liaison officers. I am convinced an agreement should be reached through the exchange (of the letters) between the Government of Serbia and the Government of Kosovo. We are the highest instances of the two countries, and as such, we should agree on holding elections. This issue got a different direction. We express our regret, but I can’t say anything more than that,“ Kurti said.