Pro-regime media: Vucic won’t step down without elections


Several pro-regime media reported Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic as saying that he is prepared to die but will not step down without elections, the portal said.

A post on the president’s Instagram account featured a picture of Vucic with the words: Our shadows and our graves will fight the enemies of Serbia. Thanks to the people for their support.

“I will call all elections, I am sick of all tricks, I am prepared to die, I am not afraid! I am waiting for the cowards to come and kill me but I will never hand power to them without elections,” Vucic is reported to have said at a meeting with his close associates, including Prime Minister Ana Brnabic.

The Informer tabloid (one of Vucic’s staunchest media supporters) quoted the Serbian President as saying that “if they kill” his brother and children “even our graves will fight against the Ustasha” (WW2 Croatian Nazis whose name is used by nationalists to denote people they view as anti-Serb).