Professor: Serbia is one of the most stagnant economies

NEWS 19.06.202114:07 0 komentara

Serbia was “one of the most stagnant economies from 2012-2016” and continued to lag behind, economy professor Dejan Soskic told N1, arguing that data presented by the authorities is often taken out of context to prove that there is progress.

„We are far from what we need, that cannot be achieved without domestic industry. We have good results in attracting foreign investments, but no country is based on foreign, but on domestic investments,” he said.

He argued that the effects of state aid can be seen immediately, but that Serbia is giving it out too much.

„Serbia is generous in aid measures, it is excessive when it is given to someone who does not need it, all those linear benefits, as soon as it is given to everyone, the question is what the motives are, political or pre-election (motives),“ he said.

He also argued that the tax reliefs which Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic announced for those under the age of 40 will likely not serve as a stimulus for youth in the country.

He said he does favour tax reform, but that “here we have a change that does not bring any funds in the budget.”

„Serbia has reached the biggest social inequality in the last ten years,” he stressed, arguing that part of the population “does not have access to some institutions that should be available.”