Prosecution says Radoicic denied committing crimes


The Higher Public Prosecution in Belgrade said that Milan Radoicic denied committing the crimes he is being accused of during Tuesday’s interrogation.

A statement said that Radoicic was questioned on suspicion of having committed the crimes of conspiring to commit crimes, illegal possession and trafficking of firearms and explosives and endangering the public. “The suspect denied committing the crimes that he is being charged with,” the Prosecution said adding that it asked a Higher Court judge to detain him because he poses a flight risk.

Radoicic faces a possible 12 years in prison if found guilty of the crimes he is being accused of.

According to the investigation order, Radoicic is being charged with acquiring weapons, ammunition and explosives from Tuzla in Bosnia-Herzegovina which were delivered to him just outside Belgrade and then transported to Kosovo to be hidden in abandoned buildings. He is also suspected of heading a group of men who endangered lives in Banjska, the Prosecution press release said. Radoicic is being investigated along with a number of unidentified people.