Prosecution to N1: Police report handed to prosecutors


The N1 portal was told by officials at the Higher Public Prosecution that the police report on public order violations during the protest on the N1 station grounds was handed to the Third Basic Prosecution in Belgrade.

“Under orders from the Contact Point for public order in the Higher Public Prosecution, the police filed a report on the event which was handed to the Third Basic Prosecution in Belgrade for further action,” the prosecution officials said.

N1 called the Internal Affairs Ministry (MUP) to determine who decided that the police should not react when a group of people calling themselves People’s Headquarters (Narodni Stab) trespassed onto the private property of the station and allowed the group to mistreat station employees and not protect them.

N1 contacted the police several times warning them of the situation and asking the police to escort the trespassers from the grounds and protect station staff.

The gathering was not registered or reported and was held on private property on fenced-off grounds which are clearly not open to the public, that is where the law bans gatherings.