Prosecutor Stefanovic on the Prosecution’s cases: Banjska, Panic brothers, murder in Padinska skela…

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The chief prosecutor of the Higher Prosecutor's Office in Belgrade, Nenad Stefanovic, spoke to the press about the cases that the prosecutor's office is working on, which have attracted a lot of public attention. Pročitaj više


When it comes to the case known as „Banjska“, Stefanovic said that the Higher Public Prosecution in Belgrade cooperates in this investigation with the Ministry of Interior, the Customs Administration and other state bodies of Serbia, to establish the complete factual situation through the Ministry of Justice and EULEX.

„Documentation was requested from the EU Mission in charge of the rule of law in Kosovo, regarding the critical event of September 24, 2023, in the town of Banjska. The documentation has not been submitted to date,“ said Stefanovic.

Million-dollar fraud in EPS

Stefanovic also noted that the investigation into the million-dollar fraud in EPS has been completed and that the indictment is being drawn up.

He added that during 2023, criminal proceedings were initiated against 101 suspects for the criminal offence of Money Laundering in the total amount of around 1.5 billion dinars before the Special Department for Suppression of Corruption of the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Belgrade and that the largest number of them were charged during 2023 and 2024.

In parallel, 12 tax inspectors were prosecuted who, by abusing their official powers, enabled those persons to avoid tax obligations, and then place the money into legal channels in various ways,“ Stefanovic concluded.

The Panic brothers

Stefanovic also noted that in the current practice, the crime of human trafficking, which is specific, proved to be problematic to prove, given that the victims mostly change their statements during the investigation, that is, they start to claim that they were not sexually exploited, and that they did everything voluntarily.

This, he added, is also the case with the proceedings against the brothers Uros and Milos Panic, against whom an indictment was recently brought for mediation in the practice of prostitution, and which resulted in an indictment for the lesser crime of mediation in the practice of prostitution, which is the responsibility of the basic public prosecution and the court.


Speaking about the Ribnikar case, he said that the proceedings were closed to the public due to the protection of the interests of minors which is why he could not talk about what was happening in the courtroom.

„However, bearing in mind all the evidence collected by the prosecution, which will be presented at the main trial, I expect that all the defendants will be found guilty and sentenced by the law,“ the chief prosecutor said.

Murder of prisoner in Padinskc skela

When asked how far the investigation against the suspects for the serious murder of a prisoner in prison in Padinska skela has come, Stefanovic said that it was a complex event and that during the order period, all those who, by their actions or inactions, contributed to that tragic event, will be prosecuted, emphasizing that he is primarily referring to certain prison employees.

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