Prosecutor’s Office requests Commissioner to protect them or resign

NEWS 23.07.2022 15:43

The Higher Public Prosecutor's Office in Belgrade once again appealed to the Commissioner for the Independence of the State Council of Prosecutors (DVT) Milan Tkalac to act without delay on all requests for the protection against illegal influence on prosecutors reflected in inaccurate reporting by certain media or to resign from the position of an elected member of the DVT, the Higher Public Prosecutor's Office said Saturday.

They recalled that the DVT is the guarantor of the independence of the public prosecution and prosecutors and that the Commissioner for Independence was introduced as a realization of measures from the Action Plan for Chapter 23, that is, the obligation of the DVT to respond publicly to political and other illegal influences on prosecutors.

They state that the article published in the newspaper „Nova“ under the title „Senior prosecutor declared war on all inspectors of the 4th department because of Milenkovic“ is of particular concern, which, they said, is full of untrue allegations and insinuations, and is just one in a series of attacks on the prosecutors of the Belgrade of the Higher Public Prosecutor’s Office.

„Given this and similar media announcements, any further refusal of the Commissioner for Independence to act in accordance with his powers strengthens the public’s perception that prosecutors are completely unprotected from illegal influences and degrades prosecutorial independence,“ added the Higher Public Prosecutor’s Office.

They say that if he is not ready to protect his fellow prosecutors who elected him as a member of the DVT, the Higher Public Prosecutor’s Office in Belgrade believes that the resignation of Milan Tkalac would be a moral act.


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