Protest in front of N1 TV building


A group of some 30 people entered the grounds of the N1 TV building to express their dissatisfaction with the reporting of the media and the behavior of the authorities and opposition.

They called N1 staff to come out of the building and said that the station is not telling the truth. According to them, the wrath of the people would catch up with N1 TV.

upad na N1 upad na N1
Their banners were signed Narodni Stab (People’s Headquarters in Serbian) along with slogans against the media and their reporting. Several people in the group said they represent the people and that their goal is to save the country from anarchy.

The group also brought a generator and sound system which they used to say that the media are guilty of manipulation ad that President Aleksandar Vucic of working for foreign secret services.

They said that both the authorities and opposition “are two sides of the same coin in the hands of Soros”. They also mentioned Western democracies, migrants, the coronavirus pandemic and other issues.

N1 asked the police to react and remove the people who were trespassing and disrupting the work of the journalists and other N1 staff.

This is a case of unacceptable disruption of journalists and pressure on the freedom of media, N1 said, demanding that the state authorities do their job.

“This pressure was preceded by days-long targeting of N1 in the Serbian Parliament. We call on the authorities to react in line with the law and enable our journalists to safely do their job,” said N1.

In spite of the fact that N1 reported the trespassing incident the police, they failed to react.

There were several police officers in plain clothes outside the N1 TV building, yet they said they were not given orders to react and ID the assembled people, or to remove them from the private property.

The protesters welcomed with a song their leader Dusan Dundjer, whom they announced as “the first Serbian titlular in the past one hundred years.”

He arrived at the grounds of the N1 building in a Mercedes-Benz C-Class, escorted by bodyguards, and was greeted with an applause.

He was given a microphone and held a speech for over an hour, also answering his supporters’ questions.

According to the reports of the daily Danas, Dundjer assembles and heads the Worthy of Serbia Movement, which disrupted the Serbia Against Violence protest in Belgrade last Saturday. They were mentioned by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic on Sunday during his appearance on the pro-government Pink TV in the context of the protests.

In addition to being the leader of the Worthy of Serbia Movement, Dusan Dundjer also says he is part of the Russian Center of Strategic Security Services and declared himself a prince two years ago at the Ravanica Monastery.

In public, he presents himself as a close associate of Russia’s secret services, as someone who is close to (Russian President Vladimir) Putin and (former US President Donald) Trump, but also other world leaders.

Members of his Movement often publish “exclusive information,” such as that claiming  people are subjected to experiments by regulations on speed limits, mandatory use of seatbelt and mandatory headlights for cars because these “put the brain into the so-called alpha state.” These and similar excerpts from interviews with Dundjer are shared on various social networks.

In his speech outside the N1 TV building Dundjer said N1’s reporting is responsible for the so-called pandemic, for the quarantine, wearing of face masks and for the fact that, as he said, certain medical aids against COVID were introduced.

In an interview with Happy TV, Dundjer admitted that he is a convicted murderer, and that he served five years in prison for a murder he committed in the 1990s.

The protesters dispersed after several hours of holding speeches and obstructing N1 employees.