Protest of small entrepreneurs in front of Serbia Assembly

Protest postara
Fonet/Marija Đoković

Several dozen small entrepreneurs brought alarm clocks in front of the National Assembly, as a wake-up call to the authorities with the message - pass new measures of support to entrepreneurs affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, because those adopted so far are not enough to survive. Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic said that she would talk to them, but also that it was important to understand that the budget of Serbia is not a "bottomless pit."

They published a list of five key requests, namely – the write-off, not the reprogramming of taxes and contributions; abolition of new parafiscal charges in the middle of the crisis (eco-tax, inscriptions on shops); permanent reduction of taxes and contributions on small salaries to a maximum of 10 percent from the current 60 percent – so that everyone would have at least 45,000 in relation to the current 32,000 Serbian Dinars minimum wage; a fair, progressive and transparent tax system and reimbursement of those who are completely unable to work and an end to repression.

The Association „Protector of Entrepreneurs and Businessmen of Serbia“ said that the measures adopted due to the Covid-19 pandemic brought the economy to its knees, considering that it has already been shaken by high levies.

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