Protest on the Sava embankment, citizens booed the chief urban planner


Another citizen protest was held at the Sava Quay in Belgrade because, the protesters are worried about the undeclared works on the Sava Embankment, which protects New Belgrade from floods. Residents of the surrounding apartment blocks gathered over the last couple of days because of the digging carried out by the city. Citizens and professionals have previously appealed to stop drilling the dike, because, they note it protects New Belgrade from floods and it is not even legally allowed to dig on it.

City planner Marko Stojcic also came to the protest and showed the permit for the works being carried out, which was then torn up by opposition MP Aleksandar Jovanovic Cuta.

When the urban planner came to talk to the citizens, MP Jovanovic asked him if it was allowed to drill the embankment, saying „don’t play with the people and the embankment should remain as it was.“

„Obviously, someone gave you bad information, or you didn’t follow it well, drilling and demolishing the embankment was not the idea and we will not do it,“ the urban planner said.

To that, the citizens retorted that it was demagoguery, there was booing and shouts „we won’t let you.“

There were no major incidents.

The N1 team also recorded a hole several meters deep, where the installation of pipes began, through which the installations for the needs of 30 rafts on the river, whose owners received permits at a recent city tender, were supposed to go.

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