Protest outside Linglong, company sends ‘instructions’ to workers

linglong gradilište

Prior to the protest of a local Linglong subcontractor over unpaid dues, the management of the Linglong plant in Zrenjanin forwarded to its employees on Tuesday a memo, in Chinese and Serbian, announcing “some kind of activity” outside the factory and informing them that photographing, loitering and giving of interviews is banned.

Workers are asked to come in for work on time and told that tardiness will not be tolerated and that the company rules have to be honored, N1 learns.

N1 was told that the workers received the memo at 6 am Tuesday.

The protest, which started at 9 am Tuesday, is organized by the Svilajnac-based company Alfa technics, which told N1 that they have not been able to collect their clams for months and that over 100 companies have the same problem with Linglong.

There has been unofficial information that Linglong is not paying its subcontractors and that this is one of the reasons why works at the construction site of Linglong’s future tire factory are running late.

We note that, according to Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic’s announcements from August last year, production in Linglong was to start in March 2022.