Protest outside Serbian Parliament


Some one hundred people are protesting outside the Serbian Parliament building in which a session on Kosovo is being held.

The protesters, including Nemanja Sarovic, a former Serbian Radical Party (SRS) official now leader of the Love, Faith, Hope movement, asked the Parliament to refuse to sign the Franco-German plan, as well as any other agreements that would pave the way for the recognition of independent Kosovo or its UN membership.

Sarovic said the MPs are not deciding on the Franco-German plan, but that the Parliament session on Kosovo is a farce, a circus and part of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic’s plan to present himself as a hero fighting for the Serbian people while he continues to pursue his traitorous policy.

“What do we care if Kosovo joins the United National if the first article of the Franco-German proposal stipulates that Serbia recognizes Kosovo’s territorial integrity,” Sarovic told a media conference outside the Parliament, adding that the only thing that can be negotiated is Kosovo’s autonomy within Serbia.

Sarovic said Vucic should be “barred from politics,” and that those who are prepared to be his accomplices “in treason” should be identified as well as those who are fighting for Serbia’s survival and are against the betrayal of Kosovo.