PSG calls on Serbia’s people to say ‘no’ in constitutional changes’ referendum

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The opposition Free Citizens Movement (PSG) called on Thursday on people in Serbia to vote against the constitutional changes in the January 16 referendum because "they won't substantially empower the independence of the judiciary."

PSG joins some other opposition organisations and legal experts who called for a no answer in the referendum.

„The proposed changes could function in theory, in an organised society. But in such a political context and considering how they were made, their effects will be damaging in the long term. They will further strengthen the politically controlled judiciary in Serbia,“ PSG said in a statement.

According to PSG, voting against „the proposed changes is not only against the text of the proposal, but against the overall context in which the document was created, i.e. „in the one-party parliament, without a public debate, and with media closed to expert debates on these most important issues.“

PSG added that no to the constitutional changes would not stop Serbia’s accession to the European Union. „That process has stopped due to the complete collapse of the rule of law, destruction of independent institutions, stifling media freedoms and endangering human rights.“

„None of these problems will be solved or reduced by the adoption of the proposed constitutional changes,“ PSG said.

It added that Serbia needed a complete change of the Constitution, not only in the judicial area.

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