Publisher of pro-government Kurir tabloid sues N1, KRIK, other media

Kurir presuda,

The publisher of the pro-government tabloid Kurir has sued the Crime and Corruption Reporting Network (KRIK) and publishers of six other media, including N1, for unfair competition and damage to reputation.

The lawsuit has been filed over an analysis published by Raskrikavanje, a KRIK portal project, which established that at least 122 unfounded, biased or manipulative stories were published on Kurir’s front pages in 2022, reported Raskrikavanje.

Kurir claims that the analysis damaged its business reputation, which is why it is demanding compensation in the amount of 11 million dinars (1 euro – 117 dinars).

In addition to KRIK, Kurir’s publisher Mondo INC has also sued the publishers of the portals Cenzolovka, N1 and Danas, the weekly Nedeljnik, the Fonet news agency and Media Daily from Zagreb, Croatia, for carrying the story.