Question no one dares ask the CEO of Telekom Srbija

NEWS 07.02.2021 17:57
Tanjug/Zoran Žestić

After it was revealed that Telekom Srbija and Telenor made a cooperation agreement, Telekom’s CEO Vladimir Lucic spoke to two televisions with a national frequency, but no one asked him a completely legitimate question - why did he set the destruction of the SBB and United Media as the main goal of that cooperation, as stated in official documents, writes.

Nova recalled that Television N1 recently revealed the details of the cooperation agreement between the Telekom and Telenor, and several documents came across state that one of the goals is to „put an end to the business of the United Media and SBB.“ In that context, the „collapse“ of the SBB and its „pushing out from the market“ are also mentioned.

The plan, which N1 had access into, states that Telekom will team up with Telenor, belonging to the Czech tycoon Petar Kellner, to reduce the SBB’s market share below 30%. Thus, according to Telekom, they would prevent the financing of media such as N1, Nova S and Sport Klub.

Lucic first appeared at TV Prva, where he answered questions about the alleged SBB attacks on Telekom. He stated that the company he has been running for the past two years has been the target of SBB attacks.

When asked how he sees the SBB’s frequent accusations against Telekom that the merger between Telekom and Telenor creates unfair competition to remove the SBB from the market, he said that this is not true and that the business cooperation between the two companies will be regulated by the European best practices.

When asked how he sees the SBB’s claims that this cooperation is a blow to media freedoms, Lucic said that it is extremely unfounded, since Telenor can broadcast the channels it wants, because Telekom does not impose any exclusivity in the agreement.

„A year ago, when there was a problem with Supernova and N1, we publicly offered to exchange channels. But, after that, the SBB released its EON packages for users outside the SBB network. So that MTS users can now watch United Media channels, and SBB users can watch Arena and Telekom channels if they use the Arena cloud application. So now every internet user can watch both channels, and it’s illogical to ask questions regarding media freedoms,“ Lucic stated earlier.

The questions regarding the blow to the freedom of the press and the collapse of the SBB were neither mentioned to the Telekom CEO while he spoke to TV Pink, where he was a guest Sunday morning, wrote.

They recalled that some 15 days ago, N1 published a plan that it had access to, which states that Telekom will join forces with Telenor to reduce the SBB’s market share below 30 percent and thus affect the survival of the media broadcast by this cable operator.

The Commission for the Protection of Competition confirmed that companies Telekom and Telenor approached it because of this cooperation.

The Commission stated it could not provide more information on this, nor stipulate on the deadlines or its actions.


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