Rama convinced that Serbia will be represented at EU-Western Balkans summit

NEWS 04.12.2022 14:37
Source: Bryan R. Smith / AFP

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama said he is convinced that Serbia will have a representative at the upcoming EU-Western Balkans summit, taking place in Tirana this week, Kossev reported.

After Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic first said he would not attend and then changed his mind saying he would think about it, Rama noted that the President of Serbia “has no other choice but to come,” carried Kossev, quoting Gazeta Express media outlet.

“I don-t get excited about any statement made by politicians for the needs of their internal politics. Serbia will be at the summit. The President of Serbia has no choice but to come to the summit. I am saying this with conviction. Because otherwise it would be a disaster for Serbia and for him, of course,” Rama noted.

Vucic said earlier this week that he would not attend the EU-Western Balkans summit, which is held on December 6 in Tirana, after Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti appointed Nenad Rasic as a minister in the Kosovo government, while Rada Trajkovic was appointed as his adviser.

However, a day later, after a meeting with the European Commissioner for Neighborhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations, Vucic said that Oliver Varhelyi told him it would be very important for Serbia to be represented at the summit. He said that he would „think“ and decide during the weekend.


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