Rama warns of devastating effect of Kosovo tensions

Tanjug via AP Photo/Andreea Alexandru

Albania’s Prime Minister Edi Rama warned on Tuesday that deteriorating relations between Belgrade and Pristina could have a devastating effect on the entire region.

“Everything is connected and we can’t just watch out for ourselves and not pay attention to what is happening around us, not caring about the devastating effects that a further deterioration of the situation could cause, not just between Kosovo and Serbia but in the entire region,” Rama said after a meeting with European Union High Representative Josep Borrell in Brussels.

He voiced hope that the leaders from both sides could be brought to the table with their teams and teams from the EU and US who would not allow them to leave without an agreement. He added that they would face the consequences which would be “very sad for all of us”.
Borrell said after the meeting that EU member states are losing their patience in terms of Kosovo and Serbia.