RCC’s Bregu: Challenges facing EU linked to those W. Balkans experiences

EU, EK, zastave
Kenzo Tribouillard/AFP

Majlinda Bregu, the Secretary-General of the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC), said on Monday that the security challenges the European Union was facing were increasingly linked to those the Western Balkans was experiencing.

Addressing the sixth Security Conference in Paris, she said “we may soon face a crisis which will seek a joint reaction.”

Bregu said that the SecuriMeter 2021 study on the Western Balkans showed only 37 percent of the population was happy with the security situation. At the same time, the two-thirds “or more” believed it was essential to fight terrorism, violent extremism, solve the migrant crisis, serious organised and financial crime and cyber safety.

“Climate change is a new challenge that has appeared in the region, and we must be aware of that. The race for the reduction of climate changes, i.e., implementing the green plan, will be between the EU, US and third parties already present in the region. That is why the EU and the Western Balkans must rely on each other,” Bregu said.



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