Reporters Without Borders condemns smear campaign against Serbian news portal


Reporters Without Borders (RSF) condemned what it said is a “dangerous smear campaign” against the Juzne Vesti news portal based in the southern Serbian city of Nis.

“RSF condemns a dangerous smear campaign targeting Juzne Vesti and its editor in chief Gordana Bjeletic,” it said adding that a fake Južne vesti site, created to discredit the portal … has become increasingly aggressive after local officials threatened its journalists and refused to answer their questions. It said that the fake twin site “published lies, insults and threatening comments and manipulated photographs.

RSF urged the Serbian authorities to investigate Juzne Vesti complaints and called Culture and Information Minister Maja Gojkovic to show support for the portal and its journalists.

The Coalition for Freedom of the Media warned on Wednesday that the fake Juzne Vesti twin was still in place and continues to deceive the public and spread untruths about the members of the actual outlet editorial board.“