RFE: EU wants Belgrade-Pristina agreement as condition for accession

NEWS 01.12.202318:46
REUTERS/Yves Herman/File Photo

Radio Free Europe said on Friday that the European Union wants the conditions in the agreement to normalize Belgrade-Pristina relations to become part of Serbia’s accession negotiations.

RFE said it had access to draft conclusions that the EU Council is set to adopt on December 12 at a meeting of the General Affairs Council. “The EU Council wants the European Commission and High Representative to urgently propose amendments to Chapter 35 in Serbia accession talks,” the draft said. The conclusions will be confirmed at a summit of EU leaders on December 14-15.

The EU said earlier that the Basic agreement and Ohrid annex would be included in the accession process for Serbia to confirm that the document is legally binding.

President Aleksandar Vucic responded to the RFE report saying that he doesn’t think the Ohrid Agreement can be part of Chapter 35 because that would close the door for Serbia. “It’s clear that you don’t want Serbia if Kosovo’s membership in the UN is part of the chapter. I don’t believe that’s possible and I don’t believe they’ll take that decision,” Vucic said at the COP28 in Dubai.

The draft conclusions expressed regret that both Belgrade and Pristina failed to implement the agreement and other obligations accepted in the EU-facilitated dialogue. The document calls Serbia and Kosovo to meet all their obligations immediately and unconditionally, including the Community of Serb Municipalities (CSM) and welcomed the agreement of both sides to accept the CSM statute drafted by the EU.

The conclusions also express the expectation that Serbia and Kosovo will find a sustainable solution for the north of Kosovo which guarantees security, safety and participating democracy for all.

The Council says it expects Serbia to engage in the dialogue in good faith and in the spirit of compromise to reach a comprehensive, legally binding agreement with Kosovo to normalize relations in line with international law and the EU acquis communitaire without delay.