RFE: Lajcak not expecting Belgrade-Pristina agreement soon

REUTERS/Arben Celi

Radio Free Europe reported on Tuesday that European Union special envoy Miroslav Lajcak does not expect to see Belgrade and Pristina reach an agreement to normalize relations anytime soon.

RFE quoted an unnamed source who attended Lajcak’s meeting with EU ambassadors last week who said that Lajcak told them he could not talk about a time frame for an agreement. “Lajcak said that was because of the new political situation in Kosovo and the need to form new institutions and added that it will take time for both sides to explain to their public about the compromises that are needed,” the source is quoted as saying.

Lajcak told the ambassadors that he is counting on US help in the process, adding that he does not expect any more “sabotage from Washington”. RFE was told by the source that the EU ambassadors welcomed announcements from Washington that it would not try to take the lead in the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue but would leave that job to Brussels.

The source said that Lajcak told the meeting that he is planning to resume to the dialogue once the new institutions in Pristina are formed but warned that it would continue where it left off in 2020 not from zero.