RFE: Millions from Serbia’s budget to companies blacklisted by the US

NEWS 26.07.2022 10:20

Individuals and companies on the US “black list” that Washington has imposed sanctions on due to suspicion of international organized crime are getting jobs worth millions from Serbia’s budget, shows research conducted by Radio Free Europe (RFE).

The US Treasury Office sanctions imposed in December 2021 on 13 citizens of Kosovo Serb nationality and on over 20 companies linked with them and described as part of a corruption network are not binding for other countries.

However, after the Washington “black list” was published, these companies got no jobs from the Kosovo Government, yet official Belgrade continues cooperating with them, claims RFE.

Since the US imposed the sanctions until July 2022, Serbia, which is financing its parallel institutions in Kosovo – municipalities, schools and hospitals, has awarded over 20 jobs, worth over 7.5 million Euro, to one of these companies, RFE said.

The company at issue is Rad 028 from northern Kosovo, owned by Radule Stevic, says RFE, adding that Stevic and his companies are under US sanctions over their alleged ties with Zvonko Veselinovic.

RFE notes that the US has identified Veselinovic as the leader of an organized crime group and as one of the most notorious corrupt figures in Kosovo.