RGZ: Data is safe, reliable, undamaged and protected

NEWS 24.06.202221:53

All information in the databases of the Republic Geodetic Authority (RGZ) is safe, reliable, undamaged and protected, said the RGZ reacting to reports on a cyber attack that it was exposed to last week.

Damaged in the hacker attack were certain parts of the system that do not contain citizens’ personal information and information on real estate, said the RGZ.

The attack on this state institution was carried out from abroad using the Ransomware virus, and no ransom requests were identified in the messages that arrived as part of the cyber attack, said the RGZ on its website.

The RGZ will fully restore the functionality of its system within a reasonable period of time and in phases, thanks to the quick response of IT security teams consisting of the best local experts and renowned experts from Russia, United States and the EU who have offered their services for free, said the RGZ.