RIK: Final elections results in Serbia postponed due to repeat voting

Tanjug/Zoran Žestić

Serbia’s Election Commission (RIK) said on Wednesday that the deadlines for publishing the final 2022 election results had been postponed due to repeat voting.

RIK’s statement added that in line with the Law on the Election of Deputies, local election commissions have 96 hours from the closing of polling stations to determine summary reports on voting results. The deadline should have been at 8 pm on Thursday.

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However, the same Law stipulates that the deadline could be moved if local election commissions on whose territory voting is repeated. In that case, the 96-hour deadline is calculated from the closing of the polling station where the voting is repeated, i.e., after a legal process that might follow repeated voting, RIK added.

Since the decision on the annulment of the voting at some polling stations was published on the RIK’s website, the delays in result’s publishing were expected in those local self-government units.

RIK said that it could not predict when it would be able to publish the final results from the 2022 presidential, early general, Belgrade and 12 local communities’ elections.