Rohde: Kosovo-Serbia normalization talks should end with mutual recognition

NEWS 14.06.202413:27

German Ambassador in Pristina Jorn Rohde reiterated Germany’s position that the normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia should be concluded with mutual recognition, reported Radio Free Europe.

“Just as a reminder: Read (German) Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s clear statement during his visit to Kosovo and Serbia in June 2022, on normalization, including mutual recognition,” Rohde wrote on the X social media platform, adding: “This still stands.”

The German ambassador said the path for Kosovo and Serbia is already open “through the full implementation of the (2023) Brussels/Ohrid agreements by both sides as soon as possible.”

His statement came a day after US Ambassador to Serbia Christopher Hill told an interview with the weekly NIN that the formal recognition of Kosovo will not be a prerequisite for Serbia’s admission to the European Union (EU).

EU spokesperson Peter Stano told Radio Free Europe on Thursday that Serbia cannot become a member of the EU without normalizing relations with Kosovo.

The Ohrid Agreement currently makes this very clear: If there is no progress on normalization, there will be no progress on membership negotiations, said Stano.