Roth tells Vucic ‘you are not Serbia, President’

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The chairman of the German Bundestag Committee on Foreign Affairs, Michael Roth, criticized the policy of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, who called him a "Serb-hater" at a press conference on Saturday.

Roth published part of the speech from Sunday’s Vucic press conference on the X social network and responded to him that the statement „state – it is I“ is no longer valid in the European Union.

„L’état c’est moi!“ This has not been valid in the EU for a long time. You are not Serbia, President Vucic! I criticize you, your friendship with Russia and authoritarian politics. On the other hand, I love the Serbian people. What I have listed are the biggest obstacles to your country’s entry into the EU,“ Roth wrote.

Earlier, President Vucic referred to the debate started on X by Prime Minister Ana Brnabic’s response to Roth’s assessment that the elections in Serbia were neither fair nor free.

„Imagine, Ana Brnabic dared to respond to Roth. He should play with other countries, he will not play with Serbia. He is not a gentleman, I know him well, the biggest Serb-hater in Germany,“ Vucic said to the Prime Minister, who was sitting in the first row, and told her to respond „three times stronger“ next time.

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