Ruling party senior official supports targeting of N1, Nova


Member of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) presidency lawyer Vladimir Djukanovic said on Twitter that he “really likes“ the video published on Instagram by SNS main board member Vladan Sekulic targeting N1 and Nova S.

„I really like Sekula’s video. He perfectly recognized the essence. Production-wise it could have been a little better, but, using duct tape and baling wire, he did really well. Bingo. Congratulations, Sekula, and N1 and NOVA S badmouthing you means that the truth hurt them. That’s a medal for you!“ wrote the ruling party senior official.

Djukanovic then added another post:

“I call on N1 and NOVA S to emphasize on their portals and in their reports that I liked the video against them. Not so much production-wise as I did content-wise. Very good idea, it hits the mark exactly, who they are and what they do…in one word, excellent!”

Djukanovic thus supported the open targeting of N1 and Nova journalists posted on the Instagram account of Vladan Sekulic, Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) main board member and director of the „Lasta“ transport company.

The video titled Stop to Foreign Propaganda targets reporters and anchors on N1, Nova S and the Nova daily newspaper. Following reports on the N1 portal Sekulic removed the video from his Instagram account.