Russian official praises Vucic for resisting pressure on sanctions

NEWS 24.05.202214:12
aleksandar vučić
Tanjug/AP/Darko Vojinović

A senior Russian Duma official praised Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic for resisting Western pressure to impose sanctions on Moscow on Tuesday.

Alexander Babakov, deputy Chairman of the State Duma, told Belgrade pro-government daily Politika that Vucic “demonstrated great courage when he opposed the colossal pressure from the West that wants to force Belgrade to join in the sanctions against Moscow”.

“We are aware of that and appreciate it. We understand that the President of Serbia is prepared to pay such a high price not for the Russian spasibo (thanks) but for his personal belief that a state must have a sovereign policy, that this policy simply has not alternative,” Babakov is quoted as saying. He added that “Vucic knows that true sovereignty costs a lot and is easily lost”.

Babakov recalled that Russia failed to resist the huge US influence and oppose the introduction of sanctions against FR Yugoslavia in 1992.