Sapic: Belgrade needs a Serbian mayor

NEWS 29.05.202409:50
Tanjug/Marko Đoković

The ruling party candidate for Belgrade mayor, Aleksandar Sapic, said that, if he is reelected to this post, he will be a Serbian mayor of the Serbian capital, and that those who have a problem with that should not vote for him.

He added that no one will be discriminated against.

Sapic told the daily Politika that “not only in these difficult times but in all times it is important whether Belgrade has a Serbian mayor and a Serbian government ready to represent, above all, Serbian national interests, or whether it will hide behind some non-governmental sector and endanger the clearly defined national policy.”

“Being a Serbian mayor does not mean that anyone in our city will be discriminated against, Belgrade is known for being a cosmopolitan city,” said Sapic who tops the Aleksandar Vucic – Belgrade Tomorrow electoral list.

“However, this does not mean that we will be ashamed to say who we are and what we are so as not to offend someone, and to clearly represent and defend the interests of the Serbian people and all citizens living in our city,” said Sapic.