SBB brings TIDAL to Serbia

NEWS 03.06.2021 18:33
Source: Promo/SBB

The SBB company said on Wednesday that TIDAL, the leading global music and entertainment streaming platform, is now available to its users.

“SBB users can now enjoy a choice of more than 70 million pieces of music of all genres, thousands of carefully selected music playlists and more than 250,000 top quality videos without advertisements both online and offline. Users can enjoy TIDAL content on their mobile phones, tablets, computers, SMART TV and Bluetooth devices,” the press release said.

“Besides top quality sound available in the TIDAL Premium package, the HiFi Package provides the best sound with no loss of original quality with Master Quality Authenticated (MQA), Sony 360 Reality Audio i Dolby Atmos, while the Family package is intended for up to six people,” it added.

It said that TIDAL offer personalized musical recommendations and allows users to create their own audio and video playlists. “Besides music, users can access exclusive video content, music videos and live performances by music stars, interviews, podcasts, listen to old albums, socialize and meet performers,” it added.

TIDAL Premium is now part of the EON Premium package with TV and Internet and TV, Internet land line phone service. New and current EON Light and Full Package with TV and Internet and TV, Internet land line phone service who sign or renew their 24 month contracts get TIDAL Premium on promotion for the duration of the contract.

TIDAL packages are avialable to all other SBB users through the MojSBB portal.

TIDAL is a global music and entertainment platform created and managed by top music stars, linking artists and their fan through original content and exclusive events. It is available in 61 countries and offers high quality music and video content, podcasts and thousands of playlists created on TIDAL Rising. TIDAL is available in Premium and HiFi resolution which includes MQA video, Sony 360 Reality Audio and Dolby Atmos Music recordings.