SBB donates services to children’s hospitals in Nis

NEWS 03.06.2021 16:37
SBB fondacija, donacija KC Niš
Source: SBB Fondacija

The SBB Foundation said on Wednesday it had donated SBB cable services to two children’s hospitals in the southern Serbian city of Nis.

A press release said that the services were donated to the Clinic for Child and Internal Diseases and the Clinic for Child Surgery and Orthopedics at the Nis University Clinical Center.

It said that the 40,000 Euro donation provides the free use of top-quality WiFi Internet access for all patients and staff as well as digital TV for all 90 rooms at both children’s clinics to help ease the time in recovery for the youngest patietns and their parents. “The children have access to a number of TV channels, including those for children, there is Internet access everywhere in the hospital available to all staff, patients and visitors. Whether they will use SBB services for entertainment, passing the time, education is not important, the important thing is that they have a nice gift at their disposal to get through their days in hospital more easily and return home as soon as possible,” SBB CEO and United Group CSR Jovana Lukic is quoted as saying.

The press release said that signs have been put up in the hospital with the name of the SBB network and password for free access.

“Children spend a long time in pediatrics ward, especially in hematology where they are in bed for months and it’s a great help to have TV channels and Internet access which they did not have so far,” Clinic for Child and Internal Diseases chief Professor Doctor Emilija Golubovic is quoted as saying.

Clinic for Child Surgery and Orthopedics chief Professor Doctor Andjelka Slavkovic said that the donation is important for the children because the Internet and TV lifts their spirits, especially if they are in hospital for the first time. “They are very scared and it’s much easier for them when they have something to do with their time waiting for or after surgery. The staff use the Internet for professional purposes. We get a lot of important information on COVID 19 from the Internet and this donation will be important in future,” Slavkovic said.

The press release said that the “SBB Foundation has been helping preserve and improve a functional society for six years through long-term projects and its donations have helped health care facilities and other institutions and non-profits. SBB services have been donated to the Clinical Center in Kragujevac, University Children’s Clinic in Belgrade and now the two children’s clinics in Nis,” it said.

Kako se navodi u saopštenju, „SBB fondacija već šest godina kroz dugoročne projekte iz različitih oblasti pomaže očuvanju i unapređenju funkcionalnog društva, a kroz donacije pomaže i zdravstvenim ustanovama i drugim institucijama i neprofitnim udruženjima. U okviru kliničkih centara u Srbiji SBB usluge su donirane Kliničkom centru Kragujevac, Univerzitetskoj dečjoj klinici ‘Tiršova’ i sada Klinici za dečije interne bolesti i Klinici za dečiju hirurgiju i ortopediju Kliničkog centra Niš“.

SBB is part of United Group which includes N1 TV.