SBB donates TVs, WiFi to children’s hospital


SBB made a New Year’s gift of TV sets and installed WiFi to the children’s surgical ward of the General Hospital in Valjevo to help make it more comfortable for the children being treated there.

Ward head nurse Svetlana Bojinovic told N1 that the children were thrilled to be able to watch cartoons and other children’s shows. “This fine donation came after our DR Zeljko Vojisavljevic realized that the children’s stay in hospital would be easier with access to content appropriate to their age and sent a letter to the An Evening With Ivan Ivanovic show. That was how we contacted SBB and we got this fine donation which has made it easier for us, the medical staff, to work with the children,” nurse Bojinovic said.

SBB’s local manager in Valjevo Dragana Aleksic said that it was a pleasure to make the donation. “I believe that the children will pass the time more easily with our TV channels and Internet access and that they will get well soon and go home,” Aleksic said.