SBB Foundation donates car to BELhospice charity


In its tradition for the last ten years, the SBB Foundation donated on Tuesday a Smart Car BELhospice, the first specialised charity organisation in Serbia that provides palliative care to patients with malignant diseases in an advanced stage.

„We have allocated a total of 10,000 euros in donations this year as well, and this time for the humanitarian organisations BELhospice, Evo ruka (Here’s a Hand) and Women’s Center Uzice. It is essential to support organisations that provide assistance, shelter and care to vulnerable groups to initiate positive changes in society. BELhospice is one of them, and we believe that this car will make their daily care of patients easier,“ Jovana Lukic, CSR director of the United Group and director of the SBB Foundation, said.

Thanks to its team of medical and social workers and psychologists, BELhospice provides specialised services to oncology patients in advanced stages of the disease and provides support to their families by educating them on how to take care of themselves and patients.

„This donation means a lot to us, and we thank the SBB Foundation for its support because our four mobile teams taking care of patients at home currently use only two vehicles. We will now have better access to our patients and more efficient service to all of them,“ Vera Madzgalj, the executive director of the BELhospice centre, said.


The SBB Foundation will hand over home appliances to the Evo Ruka (Here’s the Hand) association, which deals with families with children with disabilities and computer equipment for the Uzice Women’s Center, which aims to improve the position and quality of life of all women, especially those from vulnerable groups.

Besides donations, the SBB Foundation distributed on Tuesday 285 New Year’s packages to children from the Jezgro Foundation Programme, dealing with the long-term aid to financially poor but functional families in Serbia.

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