SBB Foundation donates computers to Uzice Women’s Center

SBB fondacija

The SBB Foundation said on Thursday that it donated computers and equipment to the Women’s Center in the western Serbian city of Uzice.

The equipment is just part of the SBB Foundation’s tradition holiday donations intended to help the Center in its efforts to implement women’s rights. “I believe that the new equipment in new offices will help the excellent team of 14 women in providing support to women in the city and the entire community in Uzice. We are pleased to be their support for a better tomorrow not only as a telecommunications company but as an important part of the local community for two full decades,” the SBB company’s local sales agent Sanja Panic said.

The Uzice Women’s Center has spent the past 24 years making women’s issues visible in the local community, raising awareness about their rights and position, creating a women’s network and providing direct support for women to get out of situations of domestic violence and help them be financially stronger.

“We are pleasantly surprised by this donation which comes at the top of a year filled with recognition and new offices after 11 years. We are used to working hard and providing support to women. We have to keep up with technology trends with telecommunications support because that allows us to always there for others in these challenging times,” Uzice Women’s Center Chairman of the board Radmila Gujanicic said.

The SBB Foundation has been providing financial aid to institutions and organizations fighting for a better tomorrow. This year the SBB Foundation gave donations worth 10,000 Euro to the Uzice Women’s Center, the BELhospice Center and the Evo Ruka association.