SBB Foundation, Serbian bird protection NGO in joint environmental activities

NEWS 03.08.2021 14:59
Source: Marton Horvath/Društvo za zaštitu i proučavanje ptica Srbije

The SBB Foundation and the Bird Protection and Study Society of Serbia signed a memorandum of understanding on joint efforts to protect the environment, promote the national framework to protect biodiversity, provide information and educate the public.

A press release said that the goal of the cooperation is to protect five nature areas in Serbia over the next five years and include them in the Serbian Ecology Network which is modeled on the European Union’s Natura 2000. The project will start in Mala Vrbica in the Kladovo municipality which has been an important habitat for birds and biodiversity for decades.

“Individuals, organizations and companies need to connect to protect the environment and that need is growing daily and is of concern to everyone and the future of the planet. We have been fighting for a cleaner and greener environment through the Don’t Litter, No Excuse initiative for six year and have now joined with experts from the Bird Protection and Study Society of Serbia in a new eco chapter of our activities in protecting natural areas in Serbia. This partnership is very important both because of our struggle to live in a health environment and to increase the number of protected areas in Serbia as a condition for Serbia to join the European Union,” SBB Foundation Director Jovana Lukic said.

The press release said that the SBB Foundation and Society will launch joint activities such as raising awareness of the importance of biodiversity and protecting the environment through conferences, summer camps and other gatherings, cleanup operations, planting, calls to promote the national framework to protect biodiversity, especially in the context of aligning with EU legislature.

“We are starting a partnership with the SBB Foundation with the aim of long-term improvement in the environment and nature in Serbia. Our society rallies experts, a large number of members, volunteers and other who conduct research, work on protecting and promoting nature in Serbia. The SBB Foundation will help us get better equipment and make us more capable of solving many challenges such as preserving natural resources, areas, habitats and populations of endangered species,” Bird Protection and Study Society of Serbia Executive Director Milan Ruzic said.

The Bird Protection and Study Society of Serbia is a non-profit civil society organization which has been active in research and protecting birds and the enviroment in Serbia for more than 30 years. It is the most relevant organization in the country tackling environmental protection with internationally recognized results.

“The SBB Foundation has been conducting various activities to protect the environment for a number of years. More than 100 local cleanup operations were launched as part of the Don’t Litter, No Excuse project across Serbia with more than 43,000 eco-friendly bags handed out, 23 children’s playgrounds donated in 19 cities, as well as the Don’t Litter, No Excuse – CHALLENGE project with the participation of more than 50,000 children and rECOnstruction along with other environmental activities,” the SBB press release said.