SBB: We will sue Telekom Srbija for illegal pressure on users

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The SBB company announced that Telekom Srbija has shown "for the umpteenth time that business ethics do not apply to them, that they are acting contrary to the rules of fair competition and fair market competition, which is why the SBB company will take legal steps and sue this state-owned company".

As stated in the announcement, due to pressures such as setting up stands in front of SBB branch offices, offering transportation for users who would like to terminate their contract, and arriving at the door with forms for terminating the contract with the SBB, „media campaigns in which Telekom’s employees, including director Vladimir Lucic, advised how and in what way to terminate the contract with the SBB company, pasting posters and distributing flyers with the same details, publishing on the Telekom website as the most important information on how to terminate the SBB company, all this was an attempt to cause serious damage to the company SBB.“

„As part of the continuation of the settlement with the company SBB, as well as with its customers who refused to switch to Telekom Srbija, Telekom also made a decision to withdraw all sports content from television B92, which it had made available to them at a time when it seemed that SBB would not reach an agreement on the continuation of cooperation with TV B92 and TV Prva. The pompously announced sports content on TV B92, on which the broadcast of matches of the strongest European leagues was expected, starting with the English Premier League, as well as matches of the Super League and the basketball Aba League, will soon be removed from the content of this television at the request of Telekom Srbija“ SBB noted.

They add that Telekom once again deceived the citizens of Serbia, who could also use ordinary antennas to follow these sports content, for which the state company paid over 600 million euros.

„All these moves have nothing to do with fair market competition because Telekom has shown that it is ready to use all dishonest actions to win over SBB users and justify its unsuccessful business policy. Due to all these irregular business moves, the SBB company will sue Telekom Srbija“, the statement concluded.

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