SBB’s EON Connect, revolution in Internet safety, available soon


On the occasion of the February 9 Safer Internet Day, United Group's SBB joined the leading world companies and most influential organisations in warning about the safety on Internet, particularly for children, by announcing EON Connect on Tuesday.

As a leading Internet provider in Serbia and a favourite provider among the young people, SBB continues with its practice of introducing innovations into Internet and TV in Serbia, by using the leading technologies for the benefit of its users, the company said in its statement.

It adds that the latest innovation, EON Connect, is a revolution in Internet safety.

„According to the Children of Europe project’s research results, the majority of Serbia’s children, 86 percent of them, use the Internet daily. Two-thirds, or 65 percent, of nine to ten-year-old children, use the Internet daily on their mobile phones without proper supervision. The SBB’s new EON Connect enables the control of your Internet used by the whole family,“ the statement said.

EON Connect, soon to be available as a part of the SBB’s offer, enables users to access devices linked to the Wi-Fi network and organise and personalise the connected devices according to a profile, as well as the safe parents’ control.

„You can use EON Connect application to manage your home network all the time and everywhere, limit or pause Internet, block access to some contents, create a personal profile and ‘assign’ devices that are on the network to all family members,“ SBB statement added.

By introducing the first TV’s user profile on the EON platform in June 2020, SBB started a future of personalised television in a safe environment for children, the statement said.

„EON Connect will be our ally in using the Internet safely, but also in the top personalised EON experiences,“ SBB said.

SBB is a part of the United Group, as is N1.